About us

AH 547: Architect’s Journey

Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture, Program of History of Architecture

In this course after familiarizing ourselves with historical and theoretical literature on travel we used to go on journeys in order to express our observations and experiences in a major exhibition afterwards. This semester, we took up the challenge our current situation presents and inquired into the seemingly meager  possibilities of “moving” and “building” in precarious environmental conditions. Traveling to distant lands, unknown cities, ancient sites, and singular architectures have always been part of the training and profession of the architect. Along those lines, in the first part of the course we  focused on the emergence, establishment, and representation of travel in relation to architecture. In the second part, on the other hand, each of us researched the possibilities and means of (virtual)journeying to a destination of her/his own choice with the ultimate aim of displaying the outcomes in the exhibition that we put together  afterwards.

The Team

Course Instructor

Belgin Turan Özkaya

Research Assistant

Gizem Güner


Beril Alara Demirhan

Nazlı Delal Ensarıoğlu

Yaz Ertürk

Zeynep Eda Gönen

Doğan Hazar

Meltem Köse

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