Tracing the Daily Itinerary of a Tradesman Between 1920 – 1950

Yaz Ertürk

My inspiration for this location is my father’s grandfather who lived in Ankara as a tradesman when Ulus was considered the heart of Ankara with its multilayered settlement between 1920-1950. In the first project, I traced the daily itinerary of my great grandfather from his home to his candy store in Çerkeş Street and reflected his perception of his environment as an inhabitant. The unfragmented perception of movement on the route of Hasan Hüseyin Ertürk was reflected with the wide angled photographs where roads, streets, and buildings around can be identified and even cognitively mapped as a whole.

Tracking Down the Same Route in 2021

This part brings together the photographs of the places as that might have been seen by Hasan Hüseyin Ertürk and my photographs taken today, in 2021, revealing the current perception of the same places by an early 21st century visitor to the area. 

Fragmented Perception of The Modern Traveller

Instead of understanding the building as a whole object, or its historical meaning, perception of the twentieth century has changed in a way that the particular aspects of the buildings started to be observed more by a mobile observer.

Mitchell Schwarzer

I traveled around the streets of Ulus and observed the same environment that my great grandfather observed with an altered perception as an outsider and the member of the third generation of his family. While taking the photographs, I had in my mind the term “zoomscape” “which is introduced by Mitchell Schwarzer as “a largely optical mode of perception characterized by speed and surface. Fragmented perception encourages the viewer to imagine what is left beyond the frame. As a result, “buildings are liberated from their status as an object by offering new visual experiences in virtue of a new perception caused by mobility.”

Details of the specific parts of the buildings or environment can be observed more in the photographs as I zoomed in and out in the manner of optical sense.

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